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Councils and Staff

Contact Kobus Bester (083 303 4422) or Jody Young (061 500 6828) for general enquiries

Council Members

Mr Tito Vorster
Mr Diethelm Metzger
Vice President and Namibian Representative
Mr Thys Meyer
Chairperson and Breed Improvement
Mr Kobus Bester
Breed Director
Mr Pieter Meyer
Breeder Liason
Mr Chris Richter
Auctions and Inspections
Mr Gerrit Viljoen
Mr Marius Potgieter

Namibian Council Members

Mr Diethelm Metzger
Mr Bayer Olivier
Vice Chairperson
Mrs Dagmar Wilckens
Mr Dewet Prinsloo
Mr Eric van Druten
Mrs Nicola Metzger


Mrs Amanda Lessing
Data Capturer
Ms Jody Young
Animal Science Graduate: Technical Officer
Mr Matthew Kinghorn
Animal Scientist: Breed Improvement
Ms Charné Visser
Animal Science Graduate: Technical Assistant

Committees and Clubs

  • Thys Meyer (Chairperson), Diethelm Metzger, Kobus Bester, Marius Potgieter, Jaco Mare, Arne Grobbelaar, Nikki Metzger, Gerrit Viljoen and assisted by Matt Kinghorn and Jody Young
  • Pieto Louw (Chairperson), Linley Jones, Riaan van Zyl, Danie van Vuuren, Jaco Mare, Bayer Olivier assisted by Matt Kinghorn and Jody Young
  • The training committee consists of five members – all breed examinators and/or nominated council members. Jaco Mare, Hendrik Grobbelaar, Kobus Bester, Paul Klein, Marius Potgieter and Diethelm Metzger.
  • All animals must be inspected a maximum of 30 days prior to an auction by an accredited inspector from the Auction Screening Panel. The panel consists of Kobus Bester, Jaco Mare, Hendrik Grobbelaar, Marius Potgieter and Paul Klein (Namibia)
  • Inspections serve as a quality guarantee of phenotypic characteristics for the buyer of a registered animal and ensures that all registered animals comply with the minimum breed standards. Calf book females can be inspected from the age of 12 months and calf book bulls may be inspected from 18 months. A reminder that all bulls to be inspected MUST be inspected on the Linear Classification system, the inspection of female animals on the linear classification is optional but HIGHLY recommended.

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Minutes of Meetings


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Breeders Meetings

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Consitution and Rules

Simbra Constitution
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Simbra Auction Rules
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Simbra Semen Bank Terms and Conditions
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Simbra Semen Share Agreement
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