As Southern Africa’s leading cattle breed Society, we want to create assets and services that benefit all - our customers (internal and external – staff and members), our Society, the commercial beef and dairy farmer (crossbreeding with Simmentaler/Fleckvieh) as well as the countries in which we provide expertise and services.
  The Sim Society’s (new) Vision describes the path that the Society will take in the coming years. It clearly defines the goals that we set out to achieve. All strategic decisions are based on this Vision.
  The Society’s Values describe the approach and the manner in which we want to work to achieve our goals. They set the standards to follow, the benchmark to measure and then ultimately shape the core of  how the Society/business lives and works in the agricultural community, whether locally or internationally.
  Together, our Vision and Values form the framework for all of our decisions and activities. They serve as both an orientation and a guideline for leadership, and also define our corporate culture.
  The Society’s Principles formally state how we want to conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis.
  We must continuously comply with different legal frameworks and cultural conditions and constantly conduct ourselves in a manner that helps us to fully achieve our self-established standards and further enhance the image of the Society and our breeds.


“To provide breeders, supported by highly efficient staff, with modern animal recording and performance testing technology, excellent extension services as well as market orientated promotions, thereby enabling them to supply genetically superior, easy care and highly efficient cattle to the Southern African cattle industry.”


“To constantly remain the most efficient breeders’ society in Southern Africa.”



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