In view of the fact that the National Performance Testing Scheme and SA Stud Book systems at that time were far behind the systems used by other member countries of the World Simmentaler Federation, and in view of the forth coming 1996 World Congress in South Africa, the Association investigated in 1994 other systems and decided on BREEDPLAN International. 

This positive step, however, was prevented by the ARC-Irene and SA Stud Book and the result was a 1996 World Congress with outdated Stud Book show catalogues and certificates without BLUP EBVís.  Fortunately the act was changed and breeders can now decide for themselves who will handle their registrations and performance details.

After a presentation by the ARC and BREEDPLAN, both Council and the General Meeting unanimously decided on the BREEDPLAN International system in April 2001.  After only eight months the entire complex conversion process was completed, numerous performance data problems were fixed, and the first BREEDPLAN breed analysis for South Africa, Namibia and Botswana was released.

Our breeders now boast with the best beef cattle evaluation system in the world.  The databasis of BREEDPLAN International now includes over 30 million beef cattle of 37 different breeds in 13 countries.  According to our knowledge around R8ľ million per year is being invested in upgrading the BREEDPLAN evaluation procedures.  This keeps the system on the leading edge internationally. BREEDPLAN is closely involved in major meat quality and breeding herd efficiency research projects which are funded by the Australian government and other institutions to the tune of R390 million over seven year periods. 

Breedplan EBV's

The traits that BREEDPLAN manages cover areas of vital importance to bull breeders and commercial producers, viz. Weight, Milk, Reproduction and Carcass.  This allows a balanced approach to designing efficient breeding programs for various environments and to target specific markets.



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