Windhoek Show 2015 Results

Date:  29 September 2015
Judges:  K Lepen, P Klein & E Hoff

Senior and Grand
Champion Bull

Junior Champion Bull

Reserve Junior
Champion Bull

Breedplan Bull

Reserve Senior & Reserve
Grand Champion Bull

Junior and Grand
Champion Cow

Name:  CHU1089B
ID:  Hatagob CHU10089B
Owner:  C Urib

Name:  DM12366B
ID:  Kamab Governor
Owner:  D Metzger

Name:  CHU1383B
ID:  Hatagob CHU1383B
Owner:  C Urib

Name:  HB14133
ID:  Rumba Kookolie
Owner:  H Breedt

Name:  HB10102C
ID:  Rumba Dassie
Owner:  H Breedt

Name:  HB12164B
ID:  Rumba Hanetta
Owner:  H Breedt

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Calf Champion

Reserve Calf
Champion Heifer

Reserve Junior & Reserve
Grand Champion Cow


Name:  CHU1451C
ID:  Hatagob Lady Monique
Owner:  C Urib

Name:  CHU1522C
ID:  Hatagob CHU15022B
Owner:  C Urib

Name:  DM12388
ID:  Kamab Phoebe
Owner:  D Metzger

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