What a SIMBRA membership has to offer

“Breed and develop something superior.”

  An annual visit by a qualified Breed Advisor;
  opportunity to breed something better;
  sell cattle at breed sales;
  exhibit at shows;
  standard five generation pedigree with performance records;
  annual reproduction analysis of cow herd (elimination of money-eating cows);
  the world’s most advanced beef cattle performance testing system called BREEDPLAN INTERNATIONAL;
  performance recording of commercial animals;
  guidance in breeding programs;
  selection of bulls;
  opportunity to breed two breeds for the cost of one membership;
  the popular “Journal” and instructive “The Register”.

It is irrelevant as to how many animals a new member owns, whether it is one or one hundred, it makes no difference, each and everyone is welcome!  In fact, you may join before purchasing animals by presenting grade cows for registration.

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Which herd book is in existence?

For all F-sections inspection by our Breed Advisors is a prerequisite for registration and a registration certificate is only issued for animals which passed inspection.  Rejected animals are cancelled from the Herd Book.  You may practise AI and/or natural service.

How do I register animals?

  Calves are notified by means of a birth notification and are identified by ear tattooing.  We verify the breeding particulars and furnish you with a calf book certificate (yellow) which is handed to the Breed Advisor at inspection of the animal (age 1-3 years).  The calf book certificates of rejected animals are cancelled and you receive a new registration certificate (white) for animals which pass inspection.

  If an animal is sold, dies, is culled or slaughtered, the certificate must be forwarded to the office for either transfer to the new owner or for cancellation.  A simple, however effective system, with a minimum of paperwork.

Visit by the breed advisor

For many breeders this annual visit is the most important service.  It is mainly geared towards aspects, which are for the financial benefit of the breeder.

Inspection has been a prerequisite for registration since the establishment of the society, which means that a registration certificate will only be issued if the animal as well as its parents have been approved.  Inspection is applied in accordance with production orientated standards which are adjusted from time to time in order to meet the latest consumer’s demands.  The Society’s Breed Advisors and official judges may inspect animals.  A registration certificate is issued for animals, which pass inspection, and animals, which are rejected, are cancelled in the Herd Book.  During the inspection visit all uninspected animals are scored by a Breed Advisor and breeders also get the opportunity to discuss stud breeding affairs on a personal level with him.

The SIMbra rePROduction (SIMPRO) report and analysis is unique.  This system involves the critical analysis by the Breed Advisor and owner of a number of reproduction criteria within herd context (environment) of females.  Simpro services measures the adaptability of cows, determines the correct cow size, identifies the superior breeding cows, renders administrative assistance and can save the breeder thousands of Rand.

The Breed Advisor also analyses the genetic performance of the herd within the breed for the different characteristics.

Other aspects that will be addressed are advice with the selection of AI and private bulls, identification of elite or star cows, buying/selling of animals and other advise services.

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