Late in the last century we replaced the common SA Stud Book ďmom and dad certificateĒ with our own five-generation performance pedigree certificate.  This piece of paper is of great value when making selection decisions:

1.  Objective performance information of thousands of Simbras together with extensive pedigree links coupled with modern computer technology has enabled us to express performance in a valuable figure called EBV.  The EBV is world wide the best estimate of the genetics merit that the animal will pass on to its offspring.  We need to know how the progeny will perform not how different the bulls look!  The EBVís are published on the certificate and in sale catalogues. Therefore, insist on the performance certificate.

2.  The certificate of a Simbra is not only associated with purity.  Since the breed society was established, a certificate is only issued to animals, which pass the breed expertís visual appraisal or inspection.  Animals, which do not meet the requirements, donít receive a certificate and they and their progeny are never registered. The Simbra performance certificate is proof that the animal and all itís ancestors conform to the standard.  Therefore, insist on our performance certificate!

3.  On the five-generation performance certificate you will also find the country of origin, eyelid pigment, polled factor and the very important elite or star cow awards.  Therefore, insist on it!



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